Christmas is only a few days away and people are making their way through their gift lists. The sugar and spice and all that’s nice of the holiday season can easily be swarmed out by the stress of buying gifts for your friends and family. You obviously want to get everyone something that they will enjoy and love, but sometimes looking at all your options can feel overwhelming.

We understand. That’s why we are here to help you hit the nail on the head this Christmas with our HEYDAY Holiday Gift Guide! Keep reading to find the perfect gifts for all your special family members and friends – yes, men included! Shop these products online, or come on into the shop and we’ll help you put together the best Christmas gift yet.

Capri Blue Candles

You really cannot go wrong with a candle for any type of gift. It’s easy, versatile, and meaningful. We have a variety of Capri Blue candle scents, including Pink Peppermint (smells like a Christmas tree!) and the classic Volcano – a customer favorite.


Capri Blue Hand Soap + Lotion Duo

Give your friend or family member their favorite candle scent in hand soap + lotion form. These pumps are filled with delicious scents that will make your hands as soft as can be.


Mario Badescu

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves to luxurious skincare? This season, give the gift of Mario Badescu. We have body washes, body lotions, hand creams, eye creams, bubble bath, and of course the oh-so-popular rose water spray!



This is a gift that men, women, and children will all love. The HEYDAY hats are staple items for anyone’s wardrobe. They are unisex and fit the head perfectly. Whoever you gift a hat to will have a hard time taking it off…


Pointe Studio Socks

Going to a yoga, pilates, or barre class just got better with the Pointe Studio socks. Featuring grippies on the bottom, whoever wears these won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all around during the class. Give the gift of convenience with Pointe Studio socks this season.


TOMS Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a necessity. If you know of a friend or family member who could benefit from a hair of quality, cute sunnies, look no further than TOMS! We have a variety of frames and styles, so come on it or take a look online to find the perfect ones for your special friend.

LIZAS bracelets

Add a little sparkle to your friend or family member’s jewelry collection with a set of LIZAS bracelets. These bracelets are about as versatile as it gets. Whether you want to keep it simple or stack them on, you can curate the perfect selection yourself.


Amuse Blanket

A stylish throw is the ideal gift to give the homemaker, and this Amuse one won’t disappoint whoever it is gifted to.

Stylish Hat

Know of anyone who would love a stylish hat? If so, the selection that we have at HEYDAY is the jackpot. Find a style perfect for the gift receiver!pattern-3

Graphic Tees

You really can’t go wrong with a fun graphic tee. Whoever receives this gift will have fun putting together outfits and styling the unique top themselves!


A Cozy Set

We all know someone who prefers to stay in on weekend nights. Help make their cozy night in a little better with this soft set. Featuring a comfy pair of joggers, a soft sweatshirt, slippers, hand cream, and bath salts, this combination is even more relaxing than it sounds.


Bonus Gift Idea // RAGDOLL

If you’ve been around HEYDAY for a while, you’ll know the integral role the Ragdoll perfume plays in our community. This season, treat your bestie, sister, mom, daughter, niece, or whoever really, to the magic that is Ragdoll. Stick it in their stocking or get it beautifully gift-wrapped by us. Trust us, everyone will love this gift!

We hope that our gift guide gave you some inspiration! Shop these products and curate the best gift yet! Oh, and did we mention we gift wrap? Come on into the shop for adorable (and free!) gift wrapping. Happy Holidays!



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Christmas is only a few days away and people are making their way through their gift lists. The sugar and spice and all that’s nice of the holiday season can easily be swarmed out by the stress of buying gifts for your friends and family. You obviously want to get everyone something that they will…

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