Welcome to the Family at HEYDAY

Our shop is all about family from the beginning and onward. We cherish that HEYDAY has been so closely related inside and out. Heyday has become a second home for my family of four and has expanded with the girls and our loyal customers. We want to welcome you into our lives and open the doors of HEYDAY to your relationship. You’re our guests and you deserve the pampered attention any lovely friend should. Say hello to our loving crew!


L-R Sarah Zipp, Rachel Crain, Emory Little, Emma Parker, Zara DeGroot, Kyle Sheppard, Ryan Little, Luke Little, Jennifer Little

We are so excited to announce the launch of the HEYDAY blog! We want to provide you with more information about HEYDAY and the amazing products we carry, as well as inspire you to live a fresh, playful lifestyle because after all, it is your HEYDAY!

It is here that you will find inspiration on all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. We will be sharing new arrivals, mood boards, insider tips, style inspiration, and fun ways to live joyfully.

We have a lot of fun things planned, so keep your eye out weekly for new posts! And as always, thanks for shopping at HEYDAY and enjoy learning a little about the HEYDAY family.


Jennifer Little, Owner >< We’ve had HEYDAY open for nine and a half months now, and the store becomes even more wonderful everyday our door is open. Jennifer has always had a dream to open a boutique but in January 2015 the idea became a reality. With a degree in Furnishings + Interiors from the University of Georgia, she’s always had a passion for all things creative. Jen says, “When we opened the HEYDAY doors in August 2015, we were focused on men, women, children and home. We immediately started listening to what our customers wanted and started focusing on their needs. We are now a boutique for women with a mix of fresh, playful apparel, high quality, natural apothecary and a punch of fun thrown into the blend with our Party Bar!” Jennifer’s goal is to provide an approachable, fun, easy going environment at HEYDAY where every person feels welcome and can find something she loves.

Ryan Little, Co-Owner >< Ryan has been with Jennifer and the HEYDAY brand from the start. While most of his time is spent raising major-gifts for multiple colleges at the University of Denver, he still manages to find time to bring his energy to HEYDAY as a part of the “behind-the-scenes” team. With the self-proclaimed title of Warehouse Manager, Ryan lends much needed assistance in constructing fixtures for our store, transporting new shipments, recycling boxes and changing lightbulbs just to name a few. But in the off hours, Ryan plays a key role in strategy development, management and purchasing and as he says, “it’s a lot of fun to be able to help create a vision and experience that so many people have come to love.”




Kyle Sheppard, Jennifer’s mom, splits time between Peachtree City, Georgia and Fort Collins. Kyle was an incredible high school English teacher for 35 years in Georgia. Although retired, she is now an integral part of the HEYDAY team. She works in the shop from time to time, helps with buying and does amazing amounts of behind the scenes work.




Rachel Crain interned for the HEYDAY family in the Fall and then joined our team in December. She was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to Colorado Springs with her family. She will be attending CSU with her sister next fall where she plans to complete her degree in Apparel and Merchandising. She has always had an active lifestyle and passion for health, yoga, travel, and art. After she studied nutrition, she decided to pursue design in hopes of expressing her creativity through her career, and her move to Fort Collins lets her do just that. Through exploration and travel her style has been influenced by different places and unique items she has found. Rachel loves HEYDAY’s style because there are so many one-of-a-kind pieces which continue to evolve her personal style. Her style boundaries are ever changing with fun new pieces. If you love fitness, art, thrifting, travel, or new style tips, come chat with our HEYDAY girl, Rachel.



Emma Parker joined the HEYDAY family in November. She is new to Fort Collins, with Colorado being the sixth state in which she has lived. She will be attending Fossil Ridge High School as a senior in the fall. She will be enrolled in AP Art Studio and plans to pursue design at CSU. She is extremely involved in Young Life and keeps her schedule busy with work and hanging out with friends. She loves to dress up, but her goal is always comfort, and laughter is one of her favorite things! That’s why comfort is important to Emma. She tends to buy neutral colors, but every now and then she’ll buy a bright piece to step out of her comfort zone. She loves to visit her family in England and aspires to live there someday. If you love laughter, art, Europe, or stylish, comfortable clothes, come chat with our HEYDAY girl Emma.



Sarah Zipp joined the HEYDAY family in April. She’s originally from Colorado Springs but is attending CSU here in Fort Collins. She is studying Art Education and French because she hopes to be an art or French teacher. She’s known for her trendy, simple style and is often times seen wearing black. She spent a year abroad in Paris, which has influenced her wardrobe immensely. Often she would see classic and versatile pieces that were paired to accomplish an effortless, chic, unified look. Intimidating looks on the streets of Paris encouraged her to dress well. She learned from the French that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you look good. If you have a love for art, design, all things French, or the color black, come chat with our HEYDAY girl Sarah!



Zara DeGroot joined the HEYDAY family in April. Zara grew up in Longmont, CO. She attends CSU studying journalism and business. She is as equally thrilled as she is terrified to graduate. She is aspiring to be a writer. She is very talented at baking chocolate chip cookies, walking dogs, and consuming large amounts of coffee daily. She finds that people are one of the most important parts of her life. Zara loves working in a friendly environment that allows her to have conversations with new people. She tends to gravitate toward comfortable clothing when finding an outfit, such as pairing great denim with a slouchy tee. If you love great literature, good company, delectable treats such as creme brûlée or coffee; come chat with our HEYDAY girl Zara!



We love expanding our styles and friendships through this wonderful home we call HEYDAY. Come in for new trends, conversations, or gifts. We want to see your wonderful faces in the shop frequently. Join the HEYDAY family with just one step through our door.



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