Nicole Pink

If you stopped by HEYDAY over the weekend you probably saw the new gorgeous floral print capes. These beautiful items, in a pattern exclusive to HEYDAY, are handmade by Nicole Pink, founder of Nicole Pink Designs.


Nicole is not only a designer and business owner, but she is also a student at Colorado State University, studying Apparel Design and Production. Talk about a hard worker!


We were lucky enough to chat with her and learn more about the capes she intricately designs and creates; she even shared some advice on starting a business in the fashion industry!

Read along + get to know Nicole!


What got you initially interested in the fashion industry?


I have been sewing since I was seven. I come from a line of seamstresses and fashion professionals so I have always had an interest in the industry. I competed in sewing and design competitions throughout high school and was named Most Outstanding Student Designer for the state of Illinois in 2014. Now I’m finally starting my fashion career!


How did you come up with the idea of a making a cape? What was the initial inspiration that jumpstarted your creation?

I have been doing custom sewing and alterations for clients for the last four years. I was inspired by my new surroundings when I moved to Fort Collins to create something stylish and versatile. These capes can be casual or dressy depending on the styling. Since my business has started, I have begun taking custom orders on capes and working with clients individually to create unique designs just for them. I also now sell my capes in a variety of sizes for woman and children.



You’re still in school AND you’re running your own business! What are your long-term career goals?


I love having my own business and being in school. It allows me to learn as much as I can while applying it to my real world experiences. I am going to Paris this summer to learn more about couture fashion and construction techniques, and I plan to bring new skills and ideas to the U.S. My ultimate long-term goal is to have my own fashion house and continue to bring my visions to life.


Do you have any advice for young women wanting to start their own business in the fashion industry?


My best advice would be to learn the basics in garment construction! No matter what part of the industry someone is going into, knowing how a piece of clothing is created is essential to understanding the business. Learn all you can about the entirety of the fashion industry. Being prepared is always the best strategy.


Can you tell us how you style your capes with an everyday outfit? Give us some fashion advice!


What I love about these capes is that they really can go with everything! They can be thrown on when running to class or work, and amped up with a dress and heels for a night on the town. The HEYDAY exclusive capes are uniquely special since they are reversible; the options are endless. Try it with some chunky heels and a funky pair for jeans — that’s always my favorite!


How can people find out more about you and your gorgeous capes?


Check out my website,, or find me on Instagram, @_houseofpink. Message me — I’d be happy to chat!


Come on by HEYDAY to see these amazing capes up close + in person!

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