Zara DeGroot, HEYDAY girl

We hope you love the launch of HEYDAY girl and gain insight into how wonderful the ladies of HEYDAY truly are. Zara is a one of a kind, original, soul sister. She is creative, imaginative and hilarious. There is no doubt you will love her as much as we do! xo Jen

See Zara’s Full interview on our NEW HEYDAY You Tube Channel!


What is your relationship with clothing like?


Like any relationship, my relationship with clothing has taken some time to develop and mature. I definitely gravitate toward clothing items that I feel are versatile and make a statement without being too flashy. If an item, whether that be a pair of jeans from my personal favorite brand Just Black Denim or an everyday dress, looks comfortable, effortless, and fits in my color palette (which is: black, charcoal greys, olive green, light pink, and GLITTER), I’ll most likely snatch it up and nurture a devoted and mutual relationship with it.



Have you always loved clothes, or is it a new love?


I have always enjoyed the art of putting together an outfit in an aesthetically pleasing way. That being said, what constitutes an “aesthetically pleasing” outfit for me now drastically differs from what I considered fashion forward back when I was a young girl, i.e., matching outfits with my American Girl doll. As I’ve gotten older and have learned what styles I prefer and what is flattering on my body, I’ve grown to appreciate the role clothing plays in cultivating a personal style that reflects who I am at this point in time.





Best outfit of your childhood?


Overalls and Jelly shoes! My mom knew how to dress me because this is an outfit I often go for when I want to feel real, raw, and like I’m going to be harvesting blueberries.



Worst trend you’ve participated in?


High-waisted shorts. Not that the trend itself was bad, but no one had the courage to tell me that the style was NOT for me.



How would you describe your personal style?


I would describe my style as Diane Keaton in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” mixed with a slight hint of politician due to my affinity for a good blazer. I believe in a simple three- to four-piece outfit — shirt, pants, shoes, optional blazer. If it gets more complicated than that, then I usually get overwhelmed. I’ve found that when I keep it simple, I select items that I will wear for years and years. I’m a sucker for solid colored, simple pieces that look good with or without accessories, as well as a nice flash of glitter and sparkle.


What has contributed to forming your personal style?


Well, working in such close proximity to some of the cutest clothing I’ve ever seen, I’ve definitely learned what types of clothing pieces I gravitate toward. That, and also stalking every single photo of Kendall Jenner on the Internet. Also, like mentioned above, Diane Keaton is legit my style icon because she only wears black and white and knows exactly what looks good on her. Seeing individuals who dress themselves in an authentic way has taught me how to wear items that I love and feel good in, above all else.


What’s a day in your life like when you’re not in HEYDAY?


A normal day for me starts with my alarm going off at 5:30 to The West Wing theme song. Then I drink hot water with lemon (I read that this aids in jumpstarting your metabolism!) and a morning smoothie before attaching an IV of coffee into a vein. Then I go to work, and after work, I’ll read a book, or drink more smoothies with my friends and call it a night!


What does #itsyourHEYDAY mean to you?


HEYDAY has always been a place for people to have fun. And since working there and being part of a team, the phrase “It’s Your HEYDAY” to me means: work hard and have fun! One thing that I would hope HEYDAY customers pick up on during their experience in the shop is that it’s OK to have fun and feel good about yourself! I hope our customers, of any age, feel as if they can come hang out, try on some clothes they may not otherwise go for, but that they feel and look good in, and have a good time treating themselves.



Zara is wearing a look she styled with the idea of being able to feel chic for work and edgy enough for evening drinks with friends.

Black Gentle Fawn Blazer, Faded Black Ragdoll Tee, Just Black Button Down Denim, Matisse Shoes // Get the Look!

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