Michelle Petrie, HEYDAY girl

Michelle Petrie is fresh, friendly, funny and light hearted yet she takes her work very seriously. She is eager to learn and grow as a professional and is absorbing so much knowledge and experience as a HEYDAY girl. She’s a team player, and she loves people. Michelle loves helping customers and finding the perfect style and look for each person. Enjoy reading a little about what it means to be a HEYDAY girl to Michelle!

See Michelle’s Full interview here…

heyday girl-46

I would say my personal style is a mixture of simple classic pieces with a splash of edgy tasteful ones. I love keeping my look clean and contemporary. I usually gather my inspiration from Pinterest!heyday girl-50

I feel like my style has grown into being a bit more feminine since working at HEYDAY. I never thought I would be caught wearing ruffles and now one of my favorite shirts I have has ruffles all over it!heyday girl-52

One of my favorite fashion trends right now is the worn looks. Whether it is distressed jeans or a ripped shirt. I just love how it looks so true and raw. heyday girl-55heyday girl-59

#itsyourheyday to me means it is your own or make it your own! Embrace what it is you love and make it your motto!heyday girl-62

I want customers to feel as if they are shopping in their best friends closet! I want them to feel comfortable, included, and simply beautiful with a bold authentic confidence. heyday girl-69

If I could go back 10 years I would tell myself EASY ON THE EYELINER! In 7th grade to 8th grade I could have been mistaken for a raccoon! I would advise myself to keep it as simple and natural as possible. heyday girl-72

Michelle’s Look / Equal Uprise Hat, Gentle Fawn Cardigan, Mod Ref Button Down Top, English Factory Mesh Pleat Skirt, Matisse Peep Toe Heel, Brittany Glasgow Laptop Case, Tassel Earrings

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