Celebration, Street Style

October is finally here, and we don’t know about you, but we are celebrating cooler temperatures and a little bit of rain. With the holiday season approaching (it’ll be here before we even know it!) you may already be thinking about Thanksgiving festivities, Christmas parties, and of course…New Year’s Eve!

Street Shoot-1

While we are most definitely looking forward to the upcoming holiday festivities, we’ve recently been asking ourselves: How can we celebrate the now? Street Shoot-2

How can we cultivate a life of celebration? Street Shoot-3Street Shoot-4Street Shoot-5

There is no better time to celebrate than right now. We believe it wholeheartedly! There is a lot going on, locally and globally, but kindness, positivity, and love will always reign — and that right there is a reason to celebrate. We can celebrate life on a day-to-day basis, whether that be finding joy in our morning cup of coffee or getting up a little bit earlier to watch the sunrise. We can celebrate the small victories, like crushing a workout at the gym or crossing off an important task on our to-do list. We can celebrate the people around us by showing them our appreciation, writing them an encouragement card, or sending them flowers just because. We can even throw a party for no reason at all, because why not? There is no limitation to celebrating the goodness that is around you!Street Shoot-6Street Shoot-7

Here at HEYDAY, we are all about celebrating. Whether we’re throwing an anniversary party with our customers or giving out balloons and candy, we believe there’s no better time to celebrate than the present. And we want to encourage you to find joy in the small, daily victories!Street Shoot-8Street Shoot-9

Recently we’ve gotten some incredible statement pieces in the shop, like velvet dresses, velvet trousers, and some dreamy blouses. While you may be tempted to keep that new purchase aside until the holiday season is upon us, we want to encourage you to incorporate these new pieces into your everyday style! Who says you can’t wear a cheetah print blouse and a pair of velvet trousers to run errands? Why not rock a party dress to grab dinner? If you love it, then rock it around town!Street Shoot-10Street Shoot-11

So throw on those heels, your favorite dress, and celebrate a new day and a new chance to make an impact in the world. The time is now!Street Shoot-12Street Shoot-13Street Shoot-14Street Shoot-15Street Shoot-16Street Shoot-17Street Shoot-18Street Shoot-19Street Shoot-20Street Shoot-21Street Shoot-22

Come on into HEYDAY to shop our new styles and find a look perfect for you. We cannot wait to meet and celebrate with you!Street Shoot-23

Michelle is wearing Cold Shoulder Top from Lucca, Velvet Pants from Lucca and Peep Toe Heel from Matisse.

Blog, Zara Degroot

Model, Michelle Petrie


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