Jackie Nunnally, HEYDAY girl

What do you hope all customers feel and experience when they walk into HEYDAY?

I hope customers feel like they’re walking into their own closet with a personal stylist every time they come into HEYDAY! I hope they feel like they are going in to visit with some of their favorite people in Fort Collins, and just happen to bond over clothes. Kind of like a coffee shop! We bond with people over things we have in common, it brings us together, and I hope that’s what HEYDAY can do, create a community and bring people together. I hope people feel a sense of love, belonging and support when they get involved with HEYDAY, no matter if they’re inside or outside of the shop!

jackie-1jackie-7How would you describe your personal style? 

I would describe my style somewhere between urban street chic, with a pinch of edgy and boho. I wear pretty simple pieces, with an occasional statement piece. I love earthy, neutral colors. I guess you could say my color palette and style is inspired by fall, but all year round. My closet consists of black, whites, creams, greys, neutral blues, olive greens, and a maroon-ish color.  I love layering sweaters, leather jackets, vests, shirts, button ups, tanks and shirts. In addition to all of that, you will always hear me say “I’m such a sucker for soft things.” Every week Heyday gets something in that I find I can’t live without, some may call it a problem, I call it a blessing.

jackie-15jackie-17jackie-20You’re a photographer — a very talented one at that. How does your sense of style and fashion bleed into the photo shoots and the editing that you do?

Thank you so much! I love photography, it is such an awesome opportunity that gives me a chance to meet people and try to capture a glimpse of their light. I love all things artistic, creative, expressive, and aesthetically pleasing. Fashion plays such a huge role in photography and fashion lifestyle photography is by far my favorite type of photography!

jackie-42jackie-50What is the first type of clothing you gravitate toward when you open your closet or you’re shopping? Give us a glimpse of what you’re favorite go-to outfit is.

My go to look is probably something that incorporates layering. I actually section my closet (by color as well) into basic under layers like t-shirts and tank tops, and then over layers, like sweaters, jackets, and button ups. When I walk into a store, typically I gravitate towards things that I could picture myself wearing a lot, and being able to go well either under or over pieces I already have. However, once in awhile I’ll be feeling bold, and I’ll go for a really awesome statement piece!

jackie-58jackie-60Where do you gather inspiration for putting together a look, whether that be in your photography or your style?

Probably my mood, my mood definitely inspires a lot. I follow a lot of photography and fashion blogging accounts, so I’m always gathering inspiration from them! Also my friends, since I am an apparel and merchandising major, photographer, and I work at HEYDAY, I am surrounded by a lot of inspiring people!

jackie-72jackie-81If you could go back in time and give your 15-year-old self some fashion advice, what would it be?

“Keep it simple, stupid” and EMBRACE THE CURLS! Looking back I just wish I didn’t try so hard to fit into the mold of what other people told me was acceptable. I was different, and I didn’t embrace that, I spent way too long wishing I looked like everyone else.

jackie-96jackie-98Our mantra/hashtag is #ItsYourHEYDAY. What does this phrase mean to you? How have you made it your own since joining the team?

HEYDAY means “the period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success, popularity, or vigor.” So basically a prime time.jackie-124jackie-136 I think taking this and realizing we have a choice, we all have the power to make anytime our prime time. It’s about finding your balance between contentment and improvement. Appreciating where you are now and being proud of yourself, but also seeing potential in yourself. Being able to push yourself and accomplish even more. There’s always room to learn, grow, and become a better version of yourself. Anytime and anywhere can be a HEYDAY!


What are three things you have learned since working at HEYDAY?

Remain teachable and focus on attention to detail. Also, there’s always room for improvement, and we can truly do anything we put our minds to. Finally, there is something very powerful and encouraging by surrounding yourself with other like- minded, driven, supportive individuals; that’s where the magic happens.


Jackie’s Look / Gentle Fawn Jacket, Washed Denim Shirt, Amuse Sweater, Just Black Denim, Matisse Shoes, Tassel Earrings

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