Street Style, Ruffles

Our HEYDAY theme last week was all things celebration! In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of celebrating the little things in life. {If you haven’t read last week’s edition yet, be sure to head on over there now!}


This week’s theme piggybacks right off of last week’s celebratory spirit. This week we’re all about RUFFLES + FRILLS! Yes, you read that right, and we are jumping up and down for joy with you!Ruffles-24Ruffles-27Ruffles-29Ruffles-33

When the HEYDAY team went to Las Vegas on a buying trip to MAGIC in February, one of the prominent styles we noticed was ruffles. Ruffles on blouses, ruffles on pants, even ruffles on shoes. Ruffles have made a comeback in the fashion industry {but have they really ever gone out of style?} and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s something so flirty and romantic, yet playful about incorporating a ruffle or frill into your outfit. Ruffles-38

Now before you think we’re going all Pollyanna on you, rest assured that we are not talking about swallowing ourselves up to the neck in ruffles {however, who knows what next year’s runway look will be!} We’re talking about simple yet statement ruffle and frill detailing on blouses, and pleated decals on flowy pants — super elegant and easy to wear on a day to day basis! Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling and take a look at this recent styled shoot we did wearing our best ruffles and frills. Yes, it really is that easy to look that good…Ruffles-43

An easy way to incorporate a ruffle into an effortless, uncomplicated outfit is with a cozy sweatshirt, featured in these photos. Ruffles-51Ruffles-58

Put the frills on your pants with these absolutely dreamy pleated trousers. And don’t even get us started on this velvet jacketRuffles-59Ruffles-66Ruffles-72Ruffles-77Ruffles-78Ruffles-88

As you can see, there are so many non-complex ways of pairing ruffles and frills with your go-to, everyday style. You can make this style yours by finding a piece you love! And if you love it, why not flaunt it?Ruffles-92Ruffles-99Ruffles-104Ruffles-109

Come visit us at HEYDAY and we’ll help you find the most dreamy ruffle + frill piece perfect for YOU!


Michelle’s Look no. 1 / Denim Jacket, Black Chiffon Top, BlushPalazzo Pants, TOMS Sunglasses, Free People Shoes

Zara’s Look no. 1 / Heather Grey Ruffle Sweatshirt, Blue Velvet Pants, Free People Orchard Clog, TOMS Sunglasses 

Michelle’s Look no. 2 / Stripe Ruffle Top, Sneak Peek Vegan Leather Pants, TOMS Sunglasses, Free People Shoes

Zara’s Look no. 2 / Velvet Jacket, More Saturdays Tee, Green Athletic Skirt, Orchard Clog, TOMS Sunglasses

Blog / Zara DeGroot

Photography / Allison Song

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