HEYDAY girl, Claire Whitworth-Folsom

What made you want to work at HEYDAY/KNAPSACK?

I really loved being a shopper at HEYDAY/KNAPSACK and had to work here. Between the amazing atmosphere and the wonderful product it was a must for me.

Claire Rose-2

What has been your impression thus far?

So far it has been a great environment to work in. I work with a group of very creative woman and really love the sense of community with the customers.

Claire Rose-3

Describe your style sense in a few words.

My style is classic. I love wearing neutrals and stripes and pieces I can wear for years and years to come.

Claire Rose-6Claire Rose-8

What item can you not stop thinking about currently on our shelves/racks?

I am pretty obsessed with the black and white sweater from Moon River in our Fall lookbook. I cannot get enough of it! I also am in love with all of the Fashionable pieces at KNAPSACK. I ended up actually getting two styles of pouches I just could not live without! We also recently got in Heidi Kidd cuffs that are to die for!

Claire Rose-11

How do you best interact with our customers so they feel welcomed?

I feel a smile goes a long way. I also try and be myself, even if that ends up with me telling an embarrassing story.

Claire Rose-17

Tell us about your style icon/idol.

This one is hard and changes often for me. I would have to say Elizabeth Olsen. She is cool and collected and tends to wear a lot of pieces I absolutely love. Her style is classic.

Claire Rose-20

How do you keep creativity flowing when it comes to styling?

When it comes to styling I get my creativity flowing from magazines. I can be quite the magazine hoarder. I think magazines help to give ideas of what I like and don’t like from the upcoming season as well as pieces together I might not have thought of before.

Claire Rose-22

Do you have any fun stories while working in retail?

In a previous position we had an under ground storage area that was actually a part of the downtown ghost tour at one point. The lights often got turned off while people were in the basement, but one day while I was working down there the lights went off. I proceeded to say “someone’s down here”, but the lights never came back on. Then I realized that the lights had gone off on there own; quite the experience.

Claire Rose-25Claire Rose-31

What items can you not buy enough of when shopping?

When shopping I cannot buy enough gray. I am not sure what it is but I absolutely love it! I joke that it must be a disease or something. Right now it is anything from tops to kitchen items. Earrings are another addiction I have. For the longest time I wore the same pair everyday but now I have so much fun changing them up with my outfits and using them as an accessory.

Claire Rose-32Claire Rose-37

What is HEYDAY GIRL to you?

HEYDAY GIRL to me is confidence. I think it is very important to look my best, feel my best and be the best I can be and HEYDAY helps me be that person.

Claire Rose-42

Claire’s Look / Earrings, Black Sweater, Just Black Denim, Free People Shoes 

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