Sweater Weather

When you hear the word “cozy,” what comes to your mind? Warm tea or coffee, a good book, a yummy candle, or maybe your go-to sweater? For those of us who dream of gray skies and soft sweaters that come with the Fall season, you’re going to want to keep reading. Today is dedicated to SWEATER WEATHER.


Fall is in full-swing and there’s no better season in Colorado, if we do say so ourselves. From drinking some incredible craft coffee {Hello, Bindle!} to watching the trees change colors and the leaves fall, to spending chilly days with friends and family in the mountains, the autumn season provides so much more than a break from the sweltering summer heat — it provides us with rest before the holidays get here. And for that we are thankful!


With cooler weather and a higher chance of waking up to a snowfall, it’s important to stay prepared and keep our closets full with the essentials — warm sweaters. There’s something magical about pulling on a cozy sweater, and it is an anticipated universal feeling as we inch into the winter months. We all have our favorite sweater, that trusted piece that we consider a wearable blanket and that feels like home when we slip it on.


When you come into HEYDAY to stock up on sweaters for yourself, you’ll have no problem finding one that not only feels comfortable on, but looks amazing on YOU. We’re all about comfort + style, and we are certain you’ll find your soul-sweater here.


Featuring fun patterns, unique textures, and even a little shimmer, our selection of sweaters is sure to please. Stay simple and cozy in a white chunky cardigan sweater. Have a little fun with this one-of-a-kind banana sweater. Go chic with this pale pink knit sweater that’s the perfect piece for any occasion.


Oh, and we cannot forget to mention our collection of sweatshirts! If you’re heading out for game day on a chilly Sunday, or just want to stay warm and chic as you’re running errands, a cozy sweatshirt will do just the trick.


Come on into the shop to find a dreamy sweater YOU love, or shop our selection online. Stay warm, cozy, and stylish with this Sweater Weather!




Sweater Weather-1Sweater Weather-10Sweater Weather-13Sweater Weather-18Sweater Weather-26Sweater Weather-27Sweater Weather-31Sweater Weather-35Sweater Weather-37Sweater Weather-51Sweater Weather-59Sweater Weather-65Sweater Weather-123Sweater Weather-126Sweater Weather-127

Jackie’s Look No. 1 / Olive Sweater, I Believe in Wine Tee, Sharkbite Denim, Free People Clogs

Ashleigh’s Look No. 1 / Grey Sweater, Olive Jacket, Black Denim, Free People Platforms

Jackie’s Look No. 2 / Marsala Tee, Cream Cardigan

Ashleigh’s Look No. 2 / Blue Sweater

Ashleigh’s Look No. 3 / Cream Sweater

Photography Allison Song

Blog Zara DeGroot

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