Janelle VanDyke, HEYDAY girl

What have you learned about yourself since working at HEYDAY?

I’ve learned to be confident in my decisions and to be confident in front of the camera! I never knew how camera shy I was until working here, I’ve definitely come out of my shell a little and continue to do so the more I work here!


When you plan an outfit, what is the first item you grab?

I usually grab my favorite collared shirt and go from there!


Who is your style icon?

Oh man, that’s hard to pick just one! Some include Zoey Deschanel, Anna Wintour, and Twiggy. I like to have a classic look with retro twists.


What does it mean to be a HEYDAY girl to you?

Being a HEYDAY girl to me means working hard, having fun, and being genuine.


What does a perfect day look like for Janelle?

Wake up, put on my favorite outfit. Then, get a delicious breakfast- eggs Benedict or a breakfast burrito to be exact. After that, I would probably get a caramel latte from Bindle- stop into the shops to say hi to my friends. Then, take a drive up to the mountains or just chill and enjoy having a day off!


If you won the lottery, what would you have to get at HEYDAY/KNAPSACK?

I would have to buy all the sweaters in HEYDAY right now. They’re ALL amazing and as the weather is turning they are much needed!


Brownies or cookies? CAKE.


Why did you choose HEYDAY?

HEYDAY chose me. Just kidding, but to a certain extent I feel like I was meant to be here and I’m so grateful I get to work at such an awesome place!


What do you hope customers experience when they walk in our doors?

I hope they experience something new every time they walk through the door but still with a feeling of warmth and comfort.


When are you having the most fun at HEYDAY?

I’m having the most fun at HEYDAY when the music is bumpin’ some good tunes and the customers are having fun!


How has your style evolved since joining the HEYDAY team?

I like to think that my style has become a little more edgy since working at HEYDAY.  My closet definitely contains more black and white, but also includes some really awesome fun pieces. I’ve only been here for a couple months so I’m curious to see how my style evolves after working here for longer!


Janelle’s Look No. 1 / Amuse Shirt, Moon River Sweater, Just Black Denim, Equal Uprise Hat, Orchard Clog, TOMS sunglasses

Janelle’s Look No. 2 / Equal Uprise Hat, Black Velvet Dress, Free People Platform, TOMS sunglasses

Photography Allison Song

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