Party Dresses

The love story of a party dress and its owner follows a simple story arch: 1) see dress in the window of a store, online, or on Instagram; 2) inquire about said dress; 3) put dress on body; 4) fall in love; 5) purchase; 6) dance.

Now this is a love story we can all get behind.


As we make our way headfirst into the holiday season, there will undoubtedly be events or special occasions that will require dressing up for. For some, this comes as an excitement — a reason to celebrate! For others, this can come as a stressor, as it means finding something to wear.

But don’t you worry, because this is why we are here. If you didn’t already know this about HEYDAY, we’re more than happy to share again — we LOVE celebration + party dresses! Any reason to pull out our favorite party dress fills us with excitement.


The feeling of purchasing and wearing a dress you love goes unrivaled. Getting to celebrate a birthday, wedding, family event, Christmas party, or any other special occasion, in a fun, new dress is one of the best experiences.


No matter the event or special occasion that is on your calendar, or even if you don’t have one scheduled just yet, HEYDAY is the place to come to find the perfect dress to accompany you. From loose and flowy dresses, to more structured ones, there is no doubt that you will find a dress made for you. And if you’re thinking about sporting velvet this holiday season, you’re in luck! HEYDAY’s selection of velvet wear is extensive and oh-so-cute. {Find our previous Velvet Dreams blog post here}
Come on into HEYDAY to shop for a gorgeous dress that you’ll feel and look GOOD in! Can’t get into the shop? Shop our dresses online!


Mekinzi Look 1: Red Velvet Low V Neck Ladder Trim Dress

Mekinzi Look 2: Black and gold fit and flared dress

Janelle Look 1: Black Polar Neck Velvet Dress


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