Mekinzi Douglas, HEYDAY girl

What do you love most about fall?

I love everything about fall. I love the leaves changing colors, the cooler weather, the clothes I get to wear. There is a crispness in the air that makes me feel calm and at ease.

What does it mean to be a HEYDAY girl to you?

To me, being a HEYDAY girl means to be unapologetically authentic 100% of the time. It means offering yourself to the world in a raw and real way without feeling the slightest bit sorry about it. I think being a HEYDAY girl means knowing yourself inside and out and rocking it every single day.  


How has being a HEYDAY girl helped with life outside of work?

Being a HEYDAY girl has helped me become more confident in what I wear. I think I have always been one to wear trendy outfits or look for the latest statement piece but HEYDAY has helped me do that no matter what the occasion is. If I am just making a run to Target (more like a 3 hour trip) why not throw on my favorite top or pom pom earrings? Working at HEYDAY has also helped me talk to people with more confidence. I am able to strike up a conversation with anyone because I have had so much practice at the shop.


What’s your favorite go-to piece in your closet?

Wow. This is a tough question. My closet is full to the brim so I feel like I am always trying to wear an outfit I haven’t worn before. But if I had to pick out one item it would be my Free People Amber Orchard Clogs. I can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments I have received on them. They are cute, comfortable, and they go with everything- what more could you want?

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Since I always listening to new music, my favorite song tends to change quite often. One song I can always rely on is “Everything Will Be Alright” by Matt Wertz. It doesn’t matter if I am having a terrible day, that song always turns by attitude around. Give it a listen, I promise all of your worries will melt away.


When are you having the most fun at HEYDAY?

I have the most fun at HEYDAY when I get to spend the day with the best team on the planet (which is everyday).  Everyone on our team works so hard but they also have fun. I literally walk in the door a happier human because of the good energy I am surrounded by.


When in doubt, who do you look to for style advice?

Definitely my mom. When she was in her twenties she was a model (woot woot! go hot mama!). She always made bold fashion choices and I feel like I get much of my style from her. She gives me confidence to wear what I want but she is also very honest when something just doesn’t work. She’s always had this rule that if you love something and you can’t stop thinking about it then it’s probably meant to be yours. That’s probably why I have way too many clothes but I see that as a great problem to hav


What did you feel the first time you walked into HEYDAY/KNAPSACK?

I felt a positive energy the first time I walked into HEYDAY/KNAPSACK. Everyone was so welcoming and it felt like home. I think that’s what made me want to work there. I could see myself being apart of the team and I wanted to be a part of the greatness that Jen has created from the very beginning.


What do you feel now when you walk into both stores?

I still have the same feelings that I did the first time I walked in. I am welcomed with a smile and usually a hug when I come to into the stores, rather or not I am working or shopping. I love all the women on our team. They all contribute to the positive environment of the stores that customers both know and love.


What do you NEED from either store that you haven’t already bought?

Wow. Umm everything? If I had to pick one item, it would probably be one of the gorgeous sweaters we have in the store. I love to be cozy and cute and nothing says that quite like a well made sweater.


Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

Hands down, Ryan Gosling. I think he is so suave and gorgeous. I just recently watched his episode as the host of SNL and I could not stop laughing. He is quite the dream boat *swoon*.


Coffee or Tea?

I think it depends on the time of the day and my mood. I love coffee because of it’s bold favorite and it helps get me energized in the morning but I also love tea because it makes me feel calm at the end of a long day. If I am curled up and enjoying good company, I am happy either way. mekinzi-312

Mekinzi’s Look / Olive + Oak Cardigan, Project Social T Top, Button Down Just Black Skinny, Equal Uprise Hat, Orchard Clog

Photography Allison Song

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