Thanksgiving, a letter to you

Allison-8946Let’s be honest, some days are harder to be thankful for than others. Different situations, circumstances, and just life in general can add unnecessary stress and frustration.


That’s probably not the way you were expecting a Thanksgiving day post to start. But that’s what is so amazing about Thanksgiving — no matter the situation you have found yourself in, taking the time to focus on gratitude is good for the soul.


This holiday is so different from the rest because it provides us with a time to slow down, reflect, and meditate on what we are grateful for. We are given a day off of work to spend time with our friends and our family to eat a big meal, laugh, and enjoy quality time together.


We understand that life can throw us some punches, but no matter what has been thrown your way, there is always something to be thankful for. Whether it’s a kind person who went out of their way for you, a family member showing their support, or even getting a smile from a stranger, there is kindness in the world that can always be recognized.


Here at HEYDAY, we are thankful for a plethora of things. The list really could go on and on. But we’ll keep it simple — we’re thankful for YOU. We’re thankful for the community that has formed around both HEYDAY and KNAPSACK. We’re thankful for the support, love, and kindness that has been shown to us from Day One. We’re thankful for the friendships that have formed between customers as well as between team members.


No matter the plans that you have for this holiday, we hope that you feel blessed, thankful, and full of love.


And of course, if you are looking for any last minute pieces to put together the perfect Thanksgiving dinner out, you know where to find us at HEYDAY + KNAPSACK!






Allison, Ashleigh, Claire, Cne’, Jackie, Janelle, Jennifer, Kristie, Mekinzi, Michelle & last but certainly not least Zara

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