We’re diving headfirst into February, which means that January is gone and we’re now  making our way swiftly through 2018. Now is the time to make sure you are following through with the goals and resolutions that were made a month ago. Have you turned them into a into a habit, or tossed them out the window? Although, we certainly hope that whatever you have chosen that you are making your own personal progress!

One of the most prevalent styles we’ve been noticing recently is ruffles! We’ve talked about ruffles + frills before, but we feel it’s a good time to bring back this whimsical style. February is all about the romance, with Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of the month as a subtle reminder. Why not celebrate the token day of love all month long with some flirty, playful, and fun ruffles?

Plain and simple, whether it be February or any other month of the year, the trend is here to stay…

So how do you wear them without looking like Pollyanna? We’ve got you covered.

Show A Little Skin


ruffles 2

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Your shoulders are one of the most flattering parts  of your body that you can show off, so why not do it with some ruffles? Keep your style fun with an off the shoulder ruffle look. Pair with your favorite distressed jeans and some showstopping booties, and you’ve got the perfect look for a night out on the town!

Keep It Fun + Flirty

blush 2blush

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We can’t forget that we’re in the heart of winter, and we want to stay warm and practical while looking good. If off-the-shoulder isn’t your thing, a simple ruffled sweater will do just the trick! Perfect for a cozy snow day lounging around the ski lodge or an everyday ensemble when strutting around the office.

Stay Casual + Cute


Shop the look!

Who doesn’t love an easy dress they can slide into? This striped ruffle dress is just that and so much more. The ruffles aren’t too distracting and the fit of the dress is flattering and comfortable. You’ll have a hard time not reaching for this beauty no matter the season.

Come on into HEYDAY to find the perfect ruffled piece for YOU today!



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